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 My Duplicate File Finder v1.10
License type: freeware
.NET Framework: 3.5
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Software description

Find duplicated images, music, movies, text and other files and remove them.


- secure file comparison with MD5
- fast file scanning, examine only files with same filesize
- images and text file preview
- copy duplicated file list to clipboard
- remove duplicated files directly from the interface
- completely free
- intuitive interface

Version 1.10:
- files can also deleted without sending to trashcan
- preview image can be see in full size by clicking on it
- (fixed) preview error when deleting the first duplicated file
- (fixed) after deleting a file the total numbers of duplicated files is not updated
- (fixed) image preview wrong aspect ratio
- (fixed) duplicated files in root directory are not scanned (sorry!)
- various fix

Version 1.00:
- first release

Download (portable version)

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The software is completely free so we ask only to do this simple thing :)

Software screenshots


Right click to delete files, browse path or copy file list to clipboard
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