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System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32 & 64 bit) - .NET Framework 3.5 / 4.5
 Free USB Guard v1.71

License type: donationware
.NET Framework 3.5
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Software description

Always forget the usb flash drive attached to the work PC or friend's house?

Always forget a disc in the dvd reader/burner?

No problem... Free USB Guard will alert you in case a flash drive (or another external drive) is attached or a disc is present in the dvd reader during the shutdown or log off process!

The shutdown / log off will be blocked allowing you to take out the flash drive or the dvd disc :)

Note about external HDD: the software can also detect them only if they are plugged after the software has been started.
Otherwise you can select them manually in the menu "monitor the presence of these drives".

Version 1.71:
- updated license module
- removed an unused code module

Version 1.70:
- updated internal libraries code
- some bugfix

Version 1.60:
- added a new registration method: SMS. Useful if you don't have a credit card or PayPal
- new error reporting system engine
- various code fix

Version 1.57:
- updated registration library code

Version 1.55:
- added a new registration method: download a temporary license code!
- removed third bundle software (I'm sorry, I didn't thought there was too many problems with the third software installed)
- updated internal libraries code

Version 1.50:
- (fixed) when a disc is left in the DVD reader and an USB drive is connected, Free USB Guard show only a warning msg about dvd
- (fixed) on some systems the systray icon is not visible after Windows logon (common Windows problem)
- added a skip button in the bundle pre-installation message: the third party software installation can be easily skipped
- fixed ini manager
- various fix

Software screenshots

(message displayed when an USB flash drive is still connected)

(message displayed when a disc is left in the dvd reader)

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